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At Eastern Shimmer we want you to extend your experience as long as possible.  By following some simple guidelines, you can do exactly that, until we see you again! 

Here are some recommendations after:-

Nail Enhancements/Acrylic

  • Be extra careful when wearing nail enhancements.

  • Be careful with car door handles, use a spoon to open cans/ring pulls.

  • Knocking your nails can damage or tear off gel/acrylics, which can be painful and drastically affect the health of your nails. Acrylic or gel nails should not damage the natural nail, unless they are pulled off, therefore it is vital to the health of your nails not to do anything too strenuous.

  • You should be extra gentle with your gel/acrylic nails for the first 24-48 hours after they are applied. Although the material used dries in minutes, they are not very strong until the bonding process has been completed. Avoid hot baths/hot-tubs for the first 48 hours as wet heat can weaken and make the nails lift.

  • Wash hands immediately after swimming and hot tubs to remove the chlorine which can weaken the nails and fade polish colours.

  • Always gloves for cleaning and gardening work. Strong detergents such as bleach and cleaning products can discolour the nails.

  • Oxygen can hinder the speed of the drying process so by using a cuticle oil, you help seal the nails, speeding up the curing process.

  • Use a cuticle oil daily as moisturising your nails will encourage healthy nail growth.

  • Only use a salon to remove your nails. Removing your nail enhancements at home will certainly damage your natural nail.

  • Avoid moisturisers, sun cream or tanning products which contain Lanolin or Mineral Oil. These will cause Acrylics to weaken and ‘lift’. Wear gloves for applying tanning lotion.

  • If there are any signs of lifting or damage to the nails it is important to contact the salon as soon as possible. Water and bacteria can accumulate under lifted nails.

  • Regular maintenance of infills or professional removal is essential to keep the nail enhancements and natural nails looking immaculate.

  • Finally, take care of your nails.

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  • Wash feet daily and dry thoroughly, especially in between the toes.

  • Use a foot powder if your feet sweat

  • Avoid wearing tight fitting shoes, tights or socks too often, allow the feet to breathe.

  • Try to remember to wear open toe footwear to your appointment.

  • Use a pumice or exfoliant on your feet weekly to keep hard skin under control

  • Regular use of a moisturising heel balm (such as Flexitol available at Boots/Superdrug) will keep your heel skin supple.

  • Use moisturising lotion on the feet and legs to keep skin soft and to improve circulation.

  • Cut and file nails straight across and keep them at a sensible but do not use metal files.

  • Use a cuticle oil daily as moisturising your nails will encourage healthy nail growth.

  • Follow our tips on nail enhancements to keep gel colours and acrylic toes healthy.


  • Leave adequate time after your treatment for your nails to dry

  • Wear protective gloves when gardening, or doing housework

  • Use hand cream regularly

  • Always use a base coat under polish to prevent staining, and top coat to prevent chipping

  • Never use metal files

  • Keep nails at a workable length

  • Drink plenty of water and eat well

  • Do simple hand exercise to keep joints supple 

  • Avoiding harsh drying soaps.

  • Follow our tips on nail enhancements to keep gel colours and acrylic toes healthy.

Gel Nails - Hands/Feet

  • Please avoid hot showers, baths and hair washing for 24 hours after the treatment.

  • Always wear gloves when doing tasks such as housekeeping and gardening to protect your hands and nail enhancements from  harsh chemicals.

  • Ensure you always have gel polish and acrylic nails professionally removed. If you try to peel and pick them off yourself you will damage your natural nails.

  • Make sure that you dry your hands thoroughly after washing them.

  • Please use the correct cuticle oil as some can cause premature lifting.

  • If any lifting does occur please do not pick at it or attempt to fix it yourself. Please visit or contact us where we will be able to advise you further.

  • Avoid using products on the hands containing Lanolin as they can cause lifting.

  • Avoid intense heat on the nails 24 hours after application e.g. sunbeds and saunas as they can fade the colour and contribute to lifting.

  • Always wash hands thoroughly after applying sun cream, self-tanning, body lotions and hair colouring products as these can cause lifting and distort the colour.

Lash NV /Brow NV /

Lash NV Classic/Russian Extensions

  • No water should come into contact with the eyelashes for 24 hours.

  • For 48 hours after the treatment ensure your client does not steam their face, use a steam bath, swim or wash their face with hot water.

  • No mascara!

  • If you wear eyeliner the most suitable ones are; felt tip pens or gel liner. AVOID pencil liners as they tend to be oil based and can breakdown the lash extensions.

  • Do not use eyelash curlers or perm the lashes as it will break the lashes down.

  • Do not rub their lashes after washing their face- always pat dry after cleansing.

  • Do not pull on the lashes. the bond on the extension is strong so it will pull their own natural lashes out along with the new ones.

  • If you wear eye make-up, a powder eyeshadow is most suitable.

  • When removing make-up use an OIL FREE make-up remover and avoid touching the eyelashes.

  • Remember that creams and oils are Lashnv’s™ worst enemy.

  • Use creams sparingly but avoid the lid/lash area.

Waxing & Maintenance

  • No sauna/steam for 24-48hrs

  • No swimming in chlorinated pools for 24-48hrs

  • No hot baths or showers; stick to cool/lukewarm water only.

  • No tanning or sunbeds for 24-48hrs

  • No massaging or heat treatments for 24-48hrs

  • No exercise for 24hrs to avoid clogging of the hair follicle

  • Avoid deodorant’s, perfumed products and makeup for 24hrs after treatment

  • Wear lose clothing for comfort and avoid itching or touching the area.

  • Moisturising the waxed area regularly, preferably with moisturisers that have antiseptic properties for a couple of days after treatment. This will help to soothe skin.  Remember to use suitable creams for more sensitive areas and avoid products that contain perfumes.

  • Try to moisturise every day after treatment to keep the skin smooth and supple.

  • Exfoliation is key to avoiding bumpy skin and ingrown hairs so a few days after your treatment gently exfoliate the skin a few times a week preferably with a mitt or loofah.

  • Maintaining a smooth appearance and to get on a hair growth cycle that gives the best results we recommend regular waxing every 4-6 weeks.

  • Slight soreness and redness on the skin is completely normal but if symptoms do persist or worsen after 24-48hrs of your treatment especially if it’s your first wax please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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