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Mary Kay Emollient Night cream

Mary Kay Emollient Night cream

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Mary Kay® Extra Emollient Night Cream


Treat extra dry areas with a caring and intensely moisturizing cream before you go to bed - and wake up with wonderfully soft and well-being skin!

• Intensive moisturizing for very dry skin
• Restores the balance of extra dry skin areas
• Helps the skin retain moisture

•Makes the skin soft, smooth and supple
• Has a soothing effect on the skin.


How It Works

Factors such as temperature, humidity, age and hormones can disrupt the skin's moisture balance. All skin types need moisture supplements to keep the skin soft and smooth and maintain a youthful appearance. Oil and moisture are two completely different things, and oily skin can be just as dehydrated as dry skin.

Extra Emollient Night Cream contains softening beeswax that helps preserve the skin's moisture balance and make the skin wonderfully calm, smooth and supple. The cream forms a protective barrier on the skin's surface, which limits moisture evaporation. The formula is also intensively moisturizing and makes even extra dry areas on the face, hands, elbows, knees and feet wonderfully moisturized and soft.

When you use Extra Emollient Night Cream on extra dry areas of skin before going to bed, as a supplement to your regular skin care routine, you get wonderfully soft, hydrated and well-being skin. The product is also suitable for sensitive skin, is non-clogging and clinically tested against skin irritation and allergies.

Application Tips:-

• Apply a thin layer to cleansed skin just before bed, after applying your usual moisturiser.
• For the best hydration, moisten the skin with water before application.

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