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VTCT Anatomy and Physiology - Certificate Level 3

VTCT Anatomy and Physiology - Certificate Level 3


The Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology is an essential qualification for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the human body. This course covers a range of topics including the structure and function of cells, tissues and organs, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and the endocrine system. Whether you're interested in pursuing a career in beauty therapy, sports science or medicine, this course will provide you with the theoretical foundation required to succeed. You can complete this course at your own pace, either online or using paper-based materials, making it the perfect choice for individuals with busy schedules.


This course is to achive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology for complementary therapies. It consists of 94 hours which includes evidendenced knowledge by completing workbooks, assignments, online tests and completion of 2 x external online exams for anatomy and physiology.


Assessment of Pathology is assessed by evidenced based portfolio. Three pathology conditions for each body system is required to be evidenced. Learning outcomes include anatomy, pysiology and pathologies of-


The skin, hair and nails;

The skeletal system;

The muscular system;

The nervous system;

The endocrine system;

The respiratory system;

The cardiovascular system;

The lymphatic system;

The Digestive system;

The urinary system;

The reproductive system & The organisation of the body which includes cells & tissues.


Commitment to the course is required to achieve a pass.


Full payment is required to access course content. Online dates for tutorials/support will be liaised once full payment is paid.  


Price includes:-

Registration with VTCT for 2 years;

1 year access to google classroom;

Downloadable digital workbooks;

Tracking timeline of workbook with hand in dates;

2 x tutorials of 30 mins each - includes feedback of workbooks.

2 x online exams with VTCT in an exam environment.


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