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Body maintenance will make you a better lioness!

It is known fact that with every day strains and stresses we push maintaining our bodies to the bottom of our to do list. Yet to deal with such a vigour rat race, looking after yourself should be at the top of our lists. So why does our wellbeing end up being excluded in our daily routine? Time management? Self-value? Financial worries? Exhaustion? Illnesses? Aches & Pains?

Surely though, it is common knowledge that if you do not look after yourself, you will not stay at the top of your game? Often this can bring on catastrophic results. A daily grind eventually has a knock on effect on your bones and general well being. Burning the candle at both ends, trying to chase our tails, ultimately bringing on irrational outbursts brought on by excessive tiredness is not how we perceived our older and wiser self when we were a child. It's no wonder that we end up licking our wounds like a purring cat when the body mechanism self destructs! Feeling sorry for ourselves.

How can we stop the cycle then to self preserve our mortal selves? Incorporating a weekly thesis such as Reflexology or Massage can have a huge effect on well being. A regular treatment enhances energy levels and emotional status whilst balancing the homeostasis eliminating the strain of every day wear and tear. It also gives you 'me' time when you need to pull away to reflect and relax enabling to stand tall. Take charge and book your appointment online and roar like a powerful lioness!

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